Life long cherishment – continuing the circle of love

The year was 1548.

Ginesa was an abandoned baby in Granada, with no parents and no one to take care of her. So they gave the little girl to John. He tried to foster the girl, and eventually he found a woman in the Realejo Jewish district of Granada who treated the girl as if it were her own.

Ginesa grew up, and John kept a keen interest in the little girl who was given a new start through the care of John and the Jewish woman in Granada.

John knew he would live not see the girl married, so he gave 50 ducats to be invested for the girl for when she got married. And indeed on her wedding day to Francisco de Olivares the cash from the investment was given to the happy couple.

They had a happy married life and as well as their own children, fostered other abandoned children too. In this way John of God continued to influence their lives and the lives of others!

They continued to live in the city of Granada. John had died long ago, but the couple continued to support the new band of Brothers who had a new hospital in the city. And when Ginesa was old and frail, and dying. Francisco brought he wife Ginesa to the Brothers hospital to be cared for.

Full circle you might say. Ginesa’s final days in the care of John’s brothers.

A kind act and smile can be infectious. Let us keep the circle of kindness going.


Lord, before the vulnerable and unwanted of this world, may we cast a loving shadow of protective care. Amen

Before the exploitation of the young, may we be united in the pursuit of what is just and right. Amen

Before the unacceptable face of human suffering, may we hold up the image of our every loving and redeeming God. Amen

Lord, hear the cry of the poor and abandoned.
Come to their rescue.
Like John of God, You Lord cared for those on the margins of society.
Help us to be more like you and continue the circle of love you started long ago.

Pray for the work of the Saint John of God Hospitaller Services in the new Province of Saint John of God serving others in the manner of John of God, carer of Ginesa in 1548 and still inspiring others to follow the Hospitaller way.